New pride in 2025 for the province of Limburg.

If all goes well, Limburg will have its own Pride parade again in 2025. "We're currently in talks with several cities in Limburg about where we can organize it," says Bert Brone from Pride Limburg. A date has already been set: Juli 5, 2025.

In the past, there were several attempts to start a unique pride for Limburg. Since August, efforts have restarted with the establishment of Limburg Pride. By choosing the first Saturday of June, the Limburg pride falls between those of Brussels (May) and Antwerp (August). The Limburg pride will be a blend of protest and celebration. "We're planning two parades. A smaller one with colorful bikes and go-carts, and another with floats. There will, of course, also be a pride village and festival."

But the ambitions of the new organization don't stop there, as they also plan to offer training sessions at schools and businesses.

The Limburg Rainbow House is involved as a logistical partner. Before the Limburg pride goes ahead, contacts will be made with the Pride organizations in Antwerp and Brussels. "The goal is to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. We aim to collaborate rather than compete."


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